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John Moreno’s family has been in the Barber Business since 1957. While growing up in the Barber Family Business, he began his career in repairing and sharpening tools at his father’s barbershop, Gil’s Barbershop located in Porterville, CA. Later, John received his barber license at Bakersfield Barber College, CA where he began adjusting clippers and learning what worked best for cutting all clients’ hair.

After getting his license in 2012, John became an Instructor at Bakersfield Barber College where he helped educate and empower the hairstyling community. During his 6-year teaching career, he was juggling between instructing at the Barber College, sharpening tools, and working as a Barber.

John’s goal was to start his own business to assist the community, so he chose to be the Barber Mechanic. Ultimately, with the support of his clients, the business grew into what you see today. A mobile one-stop shop for repairs and sharpening for all barbers, hairstylists, and groomers. The Barber Mechanic could sharpen more of your equipment and fix your barber chairs.

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